Testimonials - What Our Customers Say

We are proud to say that the majority of our clients come to us via recommendations. Below is a selection of testimonials from some of our satisfied clients:-

"After taking pain killers for two years for my back pain, i got worried about the long term effect they could cause, then a friend recommended the Good Health Centre. After three treatments I’m now off the pain killers and pain free." David Warren - Enfield
"I could hardly get to the bathroom, in the morning when getting out of bed. It felt I was walking on tacks. I was given some stretches which didn’t help. After the first treatment at the Good Health Centre I was 50% better, after the second treatment i’m now pain free. Thanks so much." Margaret Keaton - Over Hulton
"With all the training that I do for my sport, i guess tight muscles are inevitable. But a weekly session of deep tissue massage keeps me going. They find muscles that I didn’t even know I had." Alice Gordon - Bury
"I found it hard to drive my car, as I could barely turn my neck. I spent a great deal of money having various treatments, but one treatment at the Good Health Centre was all I needed." David Ashford - Great Lever, Bolton.
"I thought my footy days where over when after two months, it didn’t seem to be getting any better. The clinic gave me some pain, but I can’t thank them enough. I’m back playing." Alan Abrahams - Colne
"I was told that these guys where the best to deal with tennis elbow. I find that having tennis elbow is quite funny because I’m a golfer, they did warn me that I may have to go through a bit of pain to get it right, they weren’t wrong but it was worth it. " Graham Rodgers - Salford